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Direction received from the Holy Spirit, Holy listening, soul friendship

Here are a few descriptions from people experienced in the area ...

Spiritual direction is the process of being alongside someone as they deepen their relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human, by telling their sacred stories in a secure space. It is enabling people to be in touch with how God may be touching their lives directly or indirectly.

“The objective…. is wholeness and freedom… helping (people) to grow into the unique individuals they have it in them, under GOD, to become.” Gordon Jeff

"The director, and the person who is being directed, are both seekers; they are both parts of a spiritual direction, a current of spirituality, a divine-human process of relationship." Kenneth Leech in Soul Friend

"The special friend who accompanies a person through life's journey .. is known by different names: mentor, prayer partner, companion on the way, guru, spiritual director, guide, growth buddy, co-discerner, spiritual father or mother, listener, spiritual midwife, confessor, sponsor, tutor, co-counsellor." Ray Simpson in Soul Friendship: Celtic insights into spiritual mentoring.


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