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John Philpott-Howard was voted in as Chair of SPIDIR at the AGM in 2021.

Message to All SPIDIR Spiritual Directors on Covid: As of July 19th 2021 and the removal of many restrictions, SPIDIR is now suggesting that Spiritual Directors may resume face-to-face meetings with their Directees if both parties feel confident to do so. This can take place outside, or as the weather cools indoors. Each Director may want to consider what they are comfortable in terms of social distancing, hand sanitising and face masks where appropriate. Both Director and Directee must take full responsibility for their own health and safety. However, if Directors and Directees would be happier continuing with virtual meetings, they can of course do so.

* Please check the current regulations at www.gov.uk/coronavirus or other sites such as www.churchofengland.org/ 

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