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Revd John Philpott-Howard


Cherry Simpkin

Referrals Secretary

Scilla Wallis

Supervision Coordinator

Rev’d Rosemary Shaw

Newsletter Editor

Revd Antonio García Fuerte

Membership Secretary

Rev’d Sue Charles

Southwark Diocese Representative

Peter Graystone

Linda Murgatroyd

John Woodhouse

Spidir Course Tutor

May Nicol

The Committee meets 4 times per year, usually in July, October, January and April.


  • is an ecumenical organisation supported by the Anglican Diocese of Southwark
  • includes more than 170 members, including many trained 'directors' from a variety of Christian traditions
  • elects the SPIDIR Committee at the Annual General Meeting to administer the affairs of the network
  • Course Leaders plan and deliver training programmes

MEMBERSHIP of SPIDIR is open to anyone interested in Spiritual Direction. Our Directors are all expected to be members of SPIDIR.

The annual membership fee is £10, for which you receive a regular Newsletter (2-3 times per year) with information about past and future events, and a discount on attending the Annual Conference.

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